How many times have we had to fill up long forms just to signup and use a website? With Omnid you can carry your digital id wherever you go and move your data seamlessly across blockchains and metaverses.

What it does

↔ī¸ Cross Chain Reputation Management

NFT Creators, DAO Participants, DeFi users on Ethereum, Polygon (using Polygon Analytics ), NEAR, Solana, Flow can now easily manage and move their reputation metrics like number of followers,

🔮 Web2 <> Metaverse Communication

Identity and Conversations can interact directly from Web2 platforms like telegram directly to Web3 Metaverses like Decentraland offering seamless movement of your digital self across Web2 to the Metaverse.


  "42261": {
    "nftDescriptorV2": "0x65CAEC30a86135c1dce58f8d4b469E67F87692c2",
    "Omnid": "0x51b9E97ae9758a45B08c51C1bd4EEEcE3A64489a"

## Challenges we ran into
Getting Generative SVGs to work fully on-chain, inside smart contracts.
Making the deadline xD

## What's next for Omnid
ℹī¸ Get your Omnid here. Omnid is now integrated into the wider []( suite of tools.

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