Our inspiration came from the fact that there is no inspiration to become a franchisee. R-Kioski would like to have more potential franchisees apply for their stores, but employees in there and e.g. young people do not see this as good opportunity for them. What to do? Revolutionise franchising.

What it does

Levels of Fun creates different models for new franchisees to apply for, alongside with the traditional model. The levels differ in the amount of how much R-kioski has control over their products and services, how much franchise fee they pay monthly, and how their contract is built. The three levels would enable more room for innovation as well as motivation for new and old franchisees.

How we built it

We began with a question how to make R-Kioski franchising more attractive to people, but during our research we found out that people do not see the appeal of the current concept of franchising. The problem is that people do not see the benefit of putting their time and effort into being a franchisee, which doesn’t even pay them well with money or pleasure.

“No I don’t want to be a franchisee. I have to work 60 hours/week and it does not pay me well” - Venla

“I like to work here but I don’t want to be a store owner” - Kannelmaki R-kiosk employee

This insight came from interviews with R-kioski employees and managers. We then continued to develop it with different design thinking methods, such as creating a customer journey and brainstorming. From these we found common factor, which we developed further with mentors and consulting from other people.

Challenges we ran into

  1. How to narrow down the amount of information
  2. How to continue after being stuck in one part
  3. How to stay focused and energized
  4. How to immerse ourselves into the mindset of target group

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got an interesting idea after being stuck for couple hours. Also, we are proud of the fact that we managed to get past our previous ideas, and let go of them.

What we learned

We have learned about design process, and attained large amount of knowledge about franchising. We also developed our teamwork and time management skills. In the end, we learnt that it’s advisable to search for new ideas even in the later time.

What's next for Levels of Fun

Having fun.

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