IQVIA's healthcare locator SDK is game changing in the field of healthcare locator search. As a developer I was excited to see how easily I was able to integrate this into a mobile app, web app and embed it inside salesforce within few days or for that matter any other stack or cloud. Apart from the technology, the power to distribute relevant and accurate life saving information to all individuals across the globe will help so many people in need.

What it does

The app uses out of the box search and listing functionality of physicians using the a) hcl-sdk b) consumes hclAPI.activities to get activities and show it in a iterative card view in react component, stores it in heroku's pg database, once the user clicks the "SHARE", and then syncs the data to salesforce. c) It is distributed as

  • Web App
  • Embedded inside salesforce for service centers for local care givers to support individuals
  • Mobile App

How we built it

I used node server with express framework as server and react components with vanilla javascript and html as client. I incorporated the out of the box "hcl-sdk" tag to get the out of the box UX for physician or medical category search and used hclAPI SDK to get data and built a custom UI on top of the JSON data.

I thought very deeply about distribution. I wanted to distribute this app to all kinds of individuals irrespective of country, limited to no access internet or a mix of both. ** Stack **

  • Heroku - The web app is hosted on heroku cloud. The web app has the default search, maps, sharing, accessibility and modification information feedback. I also incorporated hclAPI.activites API to get the activities, ability save it in the heroku's postgres db.
  • Database - Use the postgres (pg) db available in heroku.
  • Heroku Connect - Use heroku connect to sync hclAPI.activities data from heroku to salesforce.
  • Salesforce - The web app is embedded inside a salesforce app for local care giver agents.
  • Mobile - I have transformed the app into a native ios/android app using salesforce's mobile publisher.

Challenges we ran into

I was trying hard to override the default UX of hcl-sdk tag to interact with node express layer, but at this point it is not available.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Really proud of integrating such an important data set so quickly and easily and distributing it to all channels was powerful. For example, when I am viewing the app in mobile device and clicked on directions, the device's native directions app opened up without any coding or orchestration.

What we learned

Learned the SDK's out of the box capability and extensibility.

What's next for Omni Channel Healthcare Locator App

I would like to refine the UX in both web and mobile app, integrate all the API's provided and try to distribute in iOS, android and salesforce's app exchange marketplace.

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