Let's use Facebook, but with end-to-end encryption!

This is not a troll, people use Twitter and Facebook and it is not ready to change. People have their habits and above all, their friends and their network are on it and that create a significant retention of users.

Finally, in an ideal world we could continue to use our favorite social networks by adding a feature that would give us a real control of our data.

Starting from this idea, we imagined a solution as smooth as possible for users of these social networks through the use of a browser extension.

The user experience with Omerta

Bob and Alice are friends on Facebook. They install the Chrome browser extension "Omerta" and initialize it with their Ethereum account with enough Eth to make only 1 transaction on the mainnet. And that's all.

What we learned

JS it's really shit ;) no joke, lots of things, Integrated Encryption Scheme, Chrome extension, ...

Live Demo

Check out our live demo here

Complete description is on Github


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