Omega is the information lookup tool that you always wanted at your beck and call. Search through your entire filesystem in a matter of seconds (a la Spotlight but cross-platform), find that Chrome/Firefox bookmark you created ages ago and even launch a web search straight from the desktop! Compatible with both Mac OS X and Windows, a simple shortcut key would bring up Omega's simple interface, ready for you.

Omega was heavily inspired by Alfred, the Mac OS X application launcher and all round productivity app (alfredapp.com). While Alfred was pretty awesome, it had a huge downside - it was, and is, only available for Mac OS X. Plus we realised several ways we could improve on the original app. So... here we are.

Omega comes with a robust plugin system that makes it incredibly easy for anyone to make plugins to augment it's functionality. In order to prove how easy they are to work with, we made eight (!) plugins to the base Omega application. Here are some of them..

  • Currency Converter
    Get real-time currency conversion rates thanks to Yahoo!

  • Rotten Tomatoes Search
    Wanna know how good that movie is? Just search it's name and Omega will detect the movie name and return you results from Rotten Tomatoes! (through Mashery).

  • Music/Artist Search
    You can thank Mashery's Beats API for this goody! Pull up artist and music information right there on your desktop. RT

And so much more... ...at http://allwinpb.github.io/omega

Fine print

Plugins are written in javascript and has the full power of node available at their disposal (Yes that includes every single node module ever created). Documentation will be available at the website soon.

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