On the small island of Aruba in the Caribbean there is some kind of lack of communication between the 110k inhabitants and their wishes to improve public facilities, help out a neighbour or just communicate a problem in the community.

What it does

Citizens can use Ombudsbot to submit a request to help improve their city or maybe improve quality of life for a neighboor. Using the Facebook Messenger Bot we accomplish this. By automatizing the data capturing request in simple categories, giving the user the possibility of chatting with a bot, adding pictures of the problem, exact location and a short description of the problem. The system or data is open, so authorities, NGO's can have a report of the problems that have been reported. All data is presented in a map where you can see drop pins.

How we built it

Marko came with the idea, he lives in Aruba and administers some of the must popular Facebook Pages on the island. He gets tons of Facebook messages from the islanders thru Messenger complaining or just looking for helping a hand. Piero from Chile programmed the Facebook Messenger Bot using Javascript. Frank did the API integration for the map with pi points of where the problems are located.

Challenges we ran into

The API integration for map was kind of time consuming part of the development. We wanted to have a cool way to show what kind of problems and where they are located, and sorted by categories. Also how can we spot a fake feedback on a problem or a fake request.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to build a diverse team, from different continents around the globe. Without previously knowing each other. We work hard on a idea that can be implemented in a small town to a big city.

What we learned

A simple application can help local communities to feel more empowered and responsable for the maintenance of their own cities and helping each other be better citizens.

What's next for Ombudsbot

We want to implement advance way to show case the data on a map, algo the possibility for the both to be able to recognise more languages.

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