There are large number of application available in the market, but not smart enough to take care of the people. Therefore an application that would enhance the people's health with smart technology and friendly application which combines the available data from multiple sources that helps to keep track of the personal health and wellbeing.

What it does

The main objective of this application is to create an maintain healthy and friendly interactions between heath professionals and people. People will be able to look after themselves and maintain the health without even need to visit health professionals. The application will help people to be aware that prevention of small health issues will lead to better health quality and help them to avoid measure and costly treatments. For example: People can keep track of their daily activities like fitness, weight, Sugar level, Blood pressure, nutritions, etc with the help of this application and discuss actively with the health professionals when needed.

How I built it

This is the mobile application that we build using Ionic cross platform framework

Challenges I ran into

Brainstorming the real concepts, thinking about pros and cons of the applications with the realising the possibilities of application being used widely by the people

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of the things that we came up with and together as a team we built an application with the concepts of user friendliness, usability by taking into account that all types of people from youngsters to elderly people, disabled people, people with certain diseases that deprives them from using smart technologies

What I learned

Team spirit, Building new concepts, Broadening our knowledge and ability

What's next for Omakanta

Being #1 application that facilitates all kinds of people and giving access to for better and healthy lifestyle

Built With

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