Garrett was an athlete in high school who was unable to afford to play on traveling teams or go to special camps. He was disappointed with the recruitment process and gave up on playing sports in college.

What it does

Provides a platform for athletes to connect with each other and coaches to create a more open environment and level the playing field in recruitment.

How we built it

Separated into teams that handled creating a database for player data, a mock website to show our vision for the eventual product, and worked on the presentation.

Challenges we ran into

Difficulties with the SQL database, and trying to come to a consensus on the overall design

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We persevered through all of our challenges and came together as a team. We also have a great presentation.

What we learned

Even when we have a big idea we have to be able to break it down into manageable pieces. and that pizza is Mediterranean food

What's next for Omada

To continue talking to people about Omada, to work on customer discovery, and to refine and improve the product.

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