StayHome only works if people actually do it -- that proves challenging when staying get boring. However, many around the world are cooking as a means of creativity and adventure. Right now, there isn't a centralized network for foodies to discover and share their findings. We have Instagram, where restaurant accounts and cooking accounts are mixed in with personal life. We have Pinterest, where fashion and decor often feel like they over power the platform. There are also Facebook Pages, dedicated to the various types of cooking, but often lost in the crowds because of how large a facebook post is and the lack of an ability to save someone's home recipe. Then there are individual blogs that we can all go on to find recipes, but without a specific one in mind, we end up having to search blog after blog to find the one that might work for what we have.

There is a better way for food and cooking, and a huge community of people waiting for this to happen. Om-Nom is here to help bring the community together through this crisis and beyond through our taste buds.


  • For You - check out all the recipes and food endeavours of people you're following
  • Discover Page - find new cuisines and explore a world of different flavours suggested to you based on what you like
  • Follow Other - find your friends, see what you are up to
  • Share Recipes - create your own culinary delights and see the stories behind other people's creations


  • This app was designed with restaurants in mind! Restaurants can create special accounts and share their unique recipes to continue engaging with their customers during the quarantine.
  • The community contributes their recipes for everyone to attempt, encouraging communication and reduces feelings of isolation
  • People often connect over food which is difficult during this time. However, imagine finding a recipe on OmNom for your friends to try with you and then eating together virtually.

Coming Soon

  • Searching capabilities
  • Smart Filtering of posts
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