Inspired by the common problem of forgetting people's names at networking events, our app aims to decrease awkward interactions created by such situations. With a wide range of applications, this app can be utilized for business purposes, social gatherings, or perhaps for media teams at LA 2024.

What it does

Our app creates a basic database of users, and allows each one to find people nearby and follow them. Once they're following a person, they can also take personal notes on each person. The people they follow and their notes on them are then saved so that the user can access their information again for future encounters.

How we built it

We built a basic design of the app in swift. This ios app contains mainly a layout for a future app backed with swift. However, due to our current lack of experience with ios development, we also coded our program in c++ to demonstrate basic functionality with a database executing through a file and simple editing functions.

Challenges we ran into

Creating the database was challenging, and we ended up implementing through file i/o. Additionally, since we had no experience with app development, this proved to be one of our greatest obstacles.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We worked cohesively as a team, and were able to learn many useful skills that that are outside the scope of our current CS classes.

What we learned

As none of us have ever programmed in swift before, we learned the syntax of the language and its basic implementation. Additionally, we utilized new types of data structures, such as maps, that most of our team had never worked with before.

What's next for Olympidex

We envision this app as a tool for media reporters at the LA 2024 Olympics. We believe that its functionality will ease the magnitude of the jobs of these people who need to constantly interact with countless athletes every day. Simply by approaching athletes, they will be able to view registered athlete's basic information and write notes on the spot so that they can better execute their jobs.

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