The 2020 Tokyo Olympic is something everyone in Japan and all Olympic games lover around the world are looking forward to. What will make it more memorable? What will make it more special? More unique than the previous Olympics?

What it does

1) A system where points can be send between different parties in attending the Olympic, leading a number of new possibilities such as spectators sending points to athletes for good game or fair play, transparency in the system and traceability. 2) More involved experience for spectators. It gives a newer dimension than previous experience of real tweeting. 3) Location or history verification/marking to proof that being at a historical event.

How we built it

We used pepper and utilise the blockchain technology through IBM Hyperledger to create an integrated point and time stamp system. The backend was coded with node.js and PHP. Pepper is used like a kiosk or information and stamp point. The IBM Hyperledger technology supports the transparent, quick and real time like efficient points transaction together with history creation.

Challenges we ran into

Deciding from a number of good ideas to use choose from and make a product that can be shown. Also some of the technological difficulties that comes with setting up the system to provide the functionality needed for the presentation in a 3 day hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finally made something that we can show. And also the hope that comes with the making the idea into something real which can benefit everyone who are interested in the Olympic games. The few days we took to make an abstract idea into something which can be described to others and also shared with others is something we feel we can be proud of.

What we learned

Project management, Better communication, How to work as a team and how to deal with conflict and disagreement in idea. How IBM Bluemix Hyperledger works.

What's next for Olympic Robot

Better system integration with IBM Bluemix Hyperledger and other related technologies. More testing and improvement. Better hardwares and use cases. Better user interaction and interface. More friendlier system that seamlessly integrate with the current system, for instance ticketing, reward system, location finder, games and recommendation or any other possible improvement.

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