In light of recent worldwide politics and war ethics, thousands of people each day have found themselves displaced from their homes, countries and families. There are many flaws in the refugee application process for the US. The main problem is accessibility to knowledge of the refugee referral and application process. Applicants are left in the dark, not knowing if they have submitted all of the required paper work. Our website delivers everything they need in one streamlined place.

What it does

On our site refugees can find information necessary for applying to be a admitted to the US as a refugee. They can make sure they have all required forms. They can also find access to local translator and UNHCR office to help them in the referral process.

How we built it

Python HTML Google App Engine CSS

Challenges we ran into

Embedding the data for translators into the website.Much of this data was hard to find in completion, often contact information was missing or inaccurate. Also, for the UNHCR offices some of the addresses couldnt be attained for certain countries without going through headquarters.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming together as a team and creating a webpage that can offer peace and solemnity to individuals in distress worldwide.

What we learned

Politics are complicated.

What's next for Ologee

Expanding on all the resources we have acquired. Possibly expanding to regions affected by natural disasters.

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