INSPIRATION With the development of the growing speed of Big Data, a fast, easy and efficient way to fetch and analyze data is in high demand. For this project, we had the idea of developing an application framework that easily receives data and uses the data in a specific scenario which could improve the life of millions using NFC (Near field communications) that enables quick communications between two electronic devices. What the user is required to do is to fill in his information in our application in order to benefit from the convenience it offers.

WHAT IT DOES Specifically, our application which is named “OllieHelps” is both an Android app and a Web app that enhances the experience between Olli, a self-driving electric vehicle, and its passengers which are mainly people with disabilities. Firstly, the user is required to download the Android app MiD which prompts the user to specify his preferences and/or accommodations. For example, John, a deaf man can choose the medical option "[Deaf]" in the Android app to describe his condition. Secondly, our application sends the data to the Web server. When John meets Olli, all he has to do is to swipe his phone at the door and in a matter of seconds, all of his data will be fetched and transferred to the autonomous bus. From that point, Olli knows how to proceed. The bus has many sensors which are useful to people with disabilities such as : image sensor, hearing sensor, location sensor. Olli will then guide John by displaying images and vocally informing him about his location: "John, your location is 5.3 miles aways.". In addition, users can get access to other services such as movies, music, location guidance and many more, according to their preferences specified in their data file. With the develop of machine learning, artificial intelligence and a highly-maintained eco-system, our app will hopefully be one of the pioneer invention that could significantly introduce the new era of human-beings.

HOW WE BUILT IT First, we built two Android apps in Android Studio. The first Android app acts as an NFC sender, which transmits the user's data to the 'bus'. The second Android app is the NFC receiver, taking the place of the bus's hardware. In addition, the NFC receiver sends an http request to our server, which we wrote with Node and Express and deployed on Heroku. The server stores the data and renders the view. The Node/Express server used Handlebars as the view engine. However, part of our frontend is also pure html, css, and bootstrap. We took advantage of other tools such as HTTPie and Postman for testing. We all used Sublime Text 3.

CHALLENGES WE RAN INTO Some of the challenges we ran into was: Getting the NFC to work well between Android phones. Tranferring data between servers and applications. Some conflicts and confusion on Github. Last but not least, lack of sleep :)

ACCOMPLISHMENTS We are proud of successfully combining our skills and knowledge in order to enhance the experience of disabled people with Olli transportation. We have made Olli more user-friendly by enabling the self-driven automobile to get introduced to its passengers by getting access to a personalized? file from his phone.

WHAT WE LEARNT We have learnt a lot of both technical and soft skills. We learnt how to develop our first Android app, to transfer data between applications and servers and to design a nice-looking UI for users. Moreover, we have learned how to work effectively in a team and the importance of getting to know one another and communications.

WHATS NEXT FOR OLLISHELP In the future, we hopes that both Olli OlliHelps will be more popular among everyone. The public transportation system around the world can be significantly improved by the adoption of Ollie. In addition, we believe that our data fetching framework has more applications than just Ollie. With this framework, we can develop any system that requires using data and makes it a more convenient, effective, productive and modern experience for both business owners and customers. For example, the framework can be applied to restaurants to ensure a more personal and wonderful time for customers. We believe that our framework can be one of the biggest data invention for the new era of the human history.

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