Our inspiration comes from recognizing the shift in almost every industry to the adoption of conversational interfaces. We are inspired by this evolution in how we consume information along with the powerful tools like Amazon Lex in facilitating this movement. We believe conversational interfaces will lead to greater efficiencies for organizations creating further opportunities to connect with customers. In the group benefits industry, the customers are two-fold; the plan member and plan sponsor. Archaic outdated technologies are often found in the insurance industry. This results in forgettable and often tedious user experiences. We at C-DAT Systems, have built a ChatBot, we call him Ollie, which aims to assist Insurance plan brokers who serve plan sponsors; and plan members in providing plan administration functions. The tip of the iceberg, Ollie helps brokers maintain a large number of employee records, as well, helps plan members access valuable plan information about themselves in timely and relevant situations.

What it does

Olliebot helps in simplifying the following procedures:

  • Adding new members to an Organization's benefits plan program, and notifying the member
  • Discontinuing members from an Organization's benefits plan program
  • Assessing the amount available for reimbursement, under the claims package
  • Checking a member's (and or dependent's) eligibility for their current Insurance plan

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Olliebot offers:

  • Convenient plan administration for the mobile broker allowing for greater productivity while gaining greater control over the client relationship
  • Intelligent plan support to members through checking benefit balances and eligibility status lowering overall plan costs
  • maintenance of processes unanimity

What we learned

  • Integrating different products together including ORACLE Apex, database, and ORACLE Restful Data Services while solving authentication and authorization issues
  • the way Lex works, thanks to AWS developer Forum
  • the sky is the limit

What's next for OllieBot

  • Extending assistance to plan members
  • Notifying both, the organization and the member of every transaction
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