Solid waste management and recycling culture still needs developing in Africa. Waste management specifically recycling is still a culture that needs to be developed not only in my country but also many of the third world African countries.My teammates and I thought creating an interactive way of tackling this problem would be taking a step towards the right direction.

What it does

Olive, connects Facebook users to recycling and waste management companies in the most interactive way possible. She allows you to post a picture of the items you would like to recycle and your location. A recycling company assigned to your area then picks up your location and collects the material on your behalf. She also allows you to recommend recycling companies to other Facebook users.

How it was built

Olive was built using chatfuel, we wanted to make the users easily follow the conversation and understand the interaction. If the user feels they have more to ask than Olive can answer there is an option to get in touch with the team

Challenges we ran into

Learning new languages and learning how to actively use Code for some of our members was extremely challenging.

Accomplishments we're proud of

We have managed to attract the attention of a significant amount of users who want to see the movement move forward and are now advocating fora greener Zambia and Africa.We have also managed to attract the attention of a few local media houses that are helping spread the word on this campaign.

What have we learnt

The dynamics of team members and how best to understand in order to work together. That facebook tools that make creating application much easier and the tools are easy to learn and use.

What's next for Olive your Green Buddy

Waste management and Recycling goes beyond just keeping a place clean, It has to become a lifestyle. Olive will go beyond just being AI Olive will become a movement, a force that will help drive people all over Africa towards a cleaner, brighter future!!

Built With

  • chatfuel
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