One of our teammate Gowtham balachandhiran gave this beautiful use case which can help people with mental stress or depression

What it does

The bot selectively instructs the user to do challenges such as planting trees and asks them to upload photos as proof. The user has to wait for 24 hours to know the next challenge(disabled for testing reasons). This naturally creates a curiosity to know the next set of challenges. According to psychologist curiosity creates positive vibes and reduces stress. This phenomenon can also suspend suicide thoughts.

How we built it

We have used two application to develop in for conversation. 1.Yes or No 2.Sentiment Analysis Then we used mongodb to get user task images to make final video.

Challenges we ran into

Our bot is working fine with Chrome,Mozilla Firefox and safari as of now.Yet to explore more in other browsers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1.we can able to help people who are suffering from stress by engaging them with challenges 2.We're able to try out new tools like 3.Working on new updated technologies and API.

What we learned

We learned lot of new technologies and API.Now we become pro in

What's next for Olive the Bot

We are working on new updates in our bot like adding much more days of challenges so that it will consider as a complete cure for depression and we are discussing to add feature to evaluate the task images using OCR to give user a actual experience.

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