The inspiration for OldSchool comes from two intertwined factors: the education online tools that are used and developed at a rapid pace in light of the current pandemic are almost all targeting children and university students. Educational opportunities for adults and especially senior citizens, such as seniors' universities, have mostly come to a standstill. Secondly, the isolation that is induced by Covid-19 is particularly drastic for the elderly who have limited digital skills.

What it does

OldSchool confronts these challenges by providing a single entry point for senior citizens to access educational content and to build up skills for the digital age. An ambassador program matches tech-savy seniors with seniors with fewer skills. Further, partnerships with companies and federal institutions are established to gain access to hardware for seniors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of how we have managed to work as a group together very quickly, despite having just met. We have narrowed down ideas for this project and at the same time strengthened them very quickly. Furthermore, we have outlined the content of the platform, the business partners as well as the necessary next steps.We have built many connections in a very short time period.

What we learned

Take a good idea and add different skills. Let it rest for a few minutes, then add kindness, openness, trust to hitherto strangers and a dash of patience. You will be rewarded.

What's next for Old School. A distance learning platform for 65+

We are eager to build up more partnerships and to engage in collaboration with other stakeholders. We are also working on finalizing our business model.

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