Honestly one of my best friends 87 year old father was recently diagnosed positive for COVID19. Sitting almost thousands of miles away he had no way to ensure his father, a diabetic had even basis emergency response to queries (not talking of treatment here just basic query and response to that simple question which is so difficult to find)

An app with a heart (bot that cares for elderly senior citizens) for virtually caregiving senior citizens adequate care and solace amidst trying COVID19 times when they feel lost for purpose or alarmed by increasing spread of the virus.

Like Alfred the butler in a famous DC Super hero magazine (our team doesn’t intend to take any credit for DC creations and acknowledges all copyrights owned by DC) this app bot is a voice butler providing interesting and informative responses to key queries around covid19 and ways to mitigate its treatment

Oft ignored and marginalised due to age factors are the elderly folks staying alone amidst the COVID19 pandemic crisis. Not at all easy and a harsh reality of our times..

Hence we are inspired to call ourselves OLD IS GOLD...

What it does

An interactive NLP bot that answers all health related queries around COVID and connects the elderly people with immediate directions, solutions and clarifications

How I (no we) built it

We built it using and performed a few use cases or prototypes around integrating with a mobile app or Facebook..

Challenges I (no we) ran into

We found integration into Facebook and apps a bit challenging given time constraints not our technology restraint.

Then maki g a compelling storyline which powerfully conveyed our USPl

Accomplishments that I'm proud of (for my rock star team)

We completed the end to end workflow is like less than 16 hours. Period. That’s something we believe our grandma will celebrate baking home made cookies, once she sees our prototype and how safe it makes them feel.

What I (we) learned

Stitch in time saves none, not just in terms of our time for development integration and end to end testing. We are referring to the fact that a query well answered by our bot could end up saving the life of an elderly patient

What's next for Old is Gold

We hope to finish among top of the charts and seek Facebook help in getting required guidance for integration and testing.

God speed Good luck and as we say in India JAI HO

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