We have seen our seniors (Old-aged people) suffer due to this Covid-19 much. the fear, panic have been really cruel on everybody lately, but this kinda leaves this behind, where they felt alone at times and unable to do there daily routine work.

What it does

We connect Old people with other of them, to increase their interaction and help them kill this boredom and frustration of theirs of staying at home. It's quite obvious if you stay alone, this frustration can get really harsh on you and communication can always sort things. so let's make some new friends virtually, this quarantine. We also connect them to young volunteers to help them with their daily works of like grocery, essentials from markets or anything they require help with. We also run a self covid-19 test, by voice recording using Machine Learning algorithms and some set of questionnaire, which have been selected by having quite a look at study done by WHO on wuhan.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

were mostly technical and with the data collection.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

to make such a platform where we can help our seniors to ease their life a bit emotionally as well as physically.

What we learned

Team work.

What's next for OLD-AID

We plan to launch it with our business plan as introduced.

Built With

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