💡 Inspiration

Since childhood, most of us have loved playing 2D platformer games. We would spend hours and hours just to complete all the levels or achieve highest score. As kids, most of us were fond of Super Mario games, and since the theme for this sprint is Game Development, we eventually thought of creating a 2D platformer game—Olaf's Adventures!

👨‍💻 What it does

Olaf's Adventures is a 2D platformer game in which Olaf is lost in a frozen land and doesn't know his way back home. Along his journey, he encounters snowgie, who demands him to bring some candies in order to reach his destination. So in this adventurous journey, he comes across yetis and fires from which he has to stay away. He finds different candies—some of them are sweet, but some may be poisonous. So come along in this fun filled adventure of Olaf and help him reach his destination!

🚩 How we built it

  • Since most of our team members had never done Game Development before, we started exploring Unity Game Engine and learning C#.
  • We brainstormed on couple of ideas for our project ad decided to go with the 2D Platformer game and then we
    • Created Structure for game and worked on game plot Structure
    • Created Raw sketches for levels Raw
    • Created Level Design on Unity Engine Design
    • Started coding for game logic
  • Also, we explored multiple platforms which contained free assets and sounds online to help us create our game from scratch.
  • We used Unity Collaborate and GitHub to keep the track of project timelines. Moreover, we used GitHub issues with proper labeling and PR to merge our changes.
  • We used GitHub actions "Super-Linter" to try to ensure our code was properly linted.
  • We used GitHub projects "kanban board" to keep track of our progress.

🙆‍♂️ Challenges we ran into

  • As we didn't had much experience with using Unity Collaborate, we had troubles while using it for collaboration as much of our levels disappeared the first time pulled the published code.
  • Trying to finding some free assets for our game was not an easy task.
  • We had issues with Unity WebGL build of our game due to which deployment got a bit delayed

😎 Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We were able to build our very first game in just 3 weeks, completely from scratch with some free assets available.
  • We are more comfortable and confident now in using the Unity engine.
  • We were able to integrate sounds and animations and manage animation states in our game.

😍 What we learned

  • Exploring new domains of development and learning new technology is not that hard.
  • How to approach any game development from scratch, thinking of game plot/story, creating raw sketches for levels, and then converting them into level design using the Unity engine.
  • How to add animations, different sound effects and maintain a proper theme for our game.
  • How to write C# scripts for player controls and giving them proper movement.
  • We explored new a Version Control system like Unity Collaborate rather than GitHub.

🎯 What's next for Olaf's Adventure

Here are a couple possible next steps:

  • Adding more levels to our game.
  • Converting our 2D platformer game into a 3D game.
  • As our project is open-sourced, we are looking for more collaborators to contribute to this project so that the game would be more adventurous and fun.
  • Ensure all assets are copyright-free.

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