Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the Daimyo* who unified Japan invaded Chosun Dynasty of Korea in the 16th century to exhaust the remaining military power of Japan. In Korea, they call this war Im Jin Wae Ran meaning the Japanese War in the Year of Im Jin 1592.

By that time, Chosun was aware of the information about the threat of Japan's invasion, the leaders were not able to make a right decision due to its internal political turmoil. Eventually, this caused its peple suffer from the 7 year long war period.

After the end of the Japanese War in the Year Im Jin, YOO Sung Ryong the then Jae Sang (Prime Minister) of Korea, documented a book about the government's mistakes in details. The book was entitled as Jing Bi Rok to teach its people 'not to repeat the same kind of wrong things'. 'Jing Bi' is the warning and advice for the decedents from the ancestors.

This Ok Yeon Jung Sa is the place where Yoo worked on the writing of Jing Bi Rok the Book of Warning. This architecture has a great view of its own. The house is located in the middle of the beautiful natural surroundings in between the jade blue colored River Nak Dong in front and the grand cliff behind the building. Ok Yeon Jung Sa, its literal meaning is the House on the Jade Color Pond.

This 360 degree virtual reality content is made especially for Gear VR to express the beautiful Korean traditional architecture and its surroundings with the excellent view.

* The daimyo (大名 daimyō, pronounced About this sound dai-myoh) were the powerful feudal lords in pre-modern Japan who ruled most of the country from their vast, hereditary land holdings. In the term, "dai" (大) literally means "large", and "myō" stands for myōden (名田), meaning private land.

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