Few years back I wanted to create social carpooling application, but somehow didn't develop it. This hackathon gave me an opportunity to revisit and refine my earlier social carpooling idea. Social Network is a very effective platform to encourage people to carpool.

OKRIDE is based on using power of social network to create, discover and join rides with minimal friction and communication.

What it does

User can create ride so that friends can join User can discover all the rides created by friends User can request to join rides created by friends.

As all rides are from the friend network, OKRIDE provides the safest, social and fun riding experience.

How I built it

This app is developed using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript. It is deployed on meteor platform.

Challenges I ran into

Mostly time constraint as I came to know about this hackathon only two weeks back.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This app is developed in less than 2 weeks from stat to finish.

What's next for OKRIDE

OKRIDE webapp will be converted to mobile app using cordova technology. After real life testing and scalability related changes, OKRIDE mobile app will be made available to general public on both platforms - iOS and Android.

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