After talking to more than 80+ Instagram brands and influencers, we identified they have a serious problem when it comes to audience engagement. Sometimes their audience doesn't feel motivated to engage with their content and that could lead to lower brand visibility due to Instagram feed algorithm.

The Kin tokens are game-changer that has potential to put community engagement on steroids. But Instagram brands, influencers and celebrities (ex: local salon, restaurant, fashion models, travellers etc...) are not tech-savvy to empower their community with Kin and these are the people who always crave to increase engagement ratio within their audience community for organic growth.

What it does

*KinLoyalty is an Instagram brands' and influencer's loyalty program powered by Kin, that boosts audience engagement ratio. *

KinLoyalty Android app allows access to two types of accounts,

  1. one for the brand owners or influencers: to pick fans from the audience, manage their loyalty points and tipping them kin, managing comments and mentions.
  2. another for their fans: to claim and collect their loyalty points and Kin, manage all the brands they have engaged with.

How's Kin empowering communities on our platform?

Brand owners or Instagram influencers can send Kin + Ok Loyalty points to their audience who has engaged with their content through comments and mentions, even if users who don't have Kin or KinLoyalty account yet (KinLoyalty will create a virtual wallet for these users and transfer once theirs account is linked).

Brands/Instagram influencers can earn Kin by inviting their audience/fans to join their loyalty program on KinLoyalty, through easy referral commenting. This helps KinLoyalty to reduce CPA and increase virality and user retention factor.

Brands and Fans can sign up on our platform and earn 50 Kin :) Fans can help their favourite brands by donating back collected Kin while keeping Ok Loyalty points.

Leaderboard: Leaderboard for Top Kin Spenders for Brand/Influencers attract newer fans even if they are not in their audience group. Thus, new followers for influencers.

Leaderboard for Top Kin Earners for Fans highlights the most engaging and loyal fans, which opens the portal of opportunities for fans to work closely with brands and influencers they follow.

Why we believe our platform has a perfect growth factor to be next million-dollar startup?

We just need to convert Instagram influencers to enable their profile for KinLoyalty loyalty and they are very much likely to get converted as we are solving their biggest problem of increasing engagement ratio of their audience.

Once on-boarded, they do the job of promoting our platform automatically to their followers as they start rewarding their followers with Kin and loyalty points. If everything works out as we assumed, we would be able to grow exponentially in terms of userbase in no time.

Secondly, our startup had earlier worked on data science in influencer and media market and had a successful exit. With these two parameters, we believe that with the right support we will be able to grow big.

How we built it

  1. First started with a long market research - talked to more than 80 Instagram influencers and brands.
  2. Teaming-up with them to understand what they need.
  3. Solving their problem by powering their community with Kin.

Challenges we ran into

The major challenge for us is to rework on UI/UX part in short time after accepting feedback from our alpha users. Secondly, working around with Instagram APIs was hard initially, but we did it. :)

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are extremely proud of hitting the sweet spot in the influencers' problem and building a platform to empower more than 10M Instagram brands and influencers with Kin based loyalty program in one click.

Short achievements: Completing KinLoyalty Android app in a very short time, acquiring domain name and 80+ Instagram influencers in waiting list. :)

What we learned

We learnt a lot about community engagement, Kin SDK, and viral growth effects of rewards or loyalty program. We never thought implementing cryptocurrency-based rewards program in our platform would be so simple. :)


What's next for KinLoyalty comes with huge potential for business and viral organic growth. The best part is, once a brand or influencer activate their community with KinLoyalty, they would be sticking on to us for a long time.

  1. *Going live in beta with the 80+ Instagram influencers and brands in our waiting list who's average audience size is 5000 Instagram users and has the potential to bring in 100k fan to their Kin powered community. *
  2. Implement auto-reward feature and include the freemium model.
  3. Scale-up :)

Here demo video link:

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