OkLetsRead is helping to bring back the serialized novel through crowdfunding and community-driven book clubs.

In the age of Twitter, when singles are selling better than albums, and instant gratification is everything, books can seem intimidatingly large to the casual reader.

OkLetsRead lets authors write a single standalone short for our community - 30 to 50 pages that doesn't take a year to write allowing authors to try out different plots or styles, or just opening up the field to part time writers.

Readers get great stories that aren't daunting to test out a new author, series or genre. Stories can be read in an hour or less, even for slower readers. If they get hooked, they can help fund the writing of more shorts with the rest of the community and bringing them closer to the author.

Publishers can access data and analytics on future purchase intents of readers, opening up a new information stream to help them inform their own portfolio decisions before committing to a large advance and marketing budget.

Movies have trailers, TV shows have pilots, books had books, now they have OkLetsRead

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