Given the recent OEC success, we find the oportunity of allowing our users to participate on our games using OEC network

What it does

Our play to earn poker allows the users to earn ICE by completing daily challenges. In order to participate they have to purchase an initial NFT. These NFT's will be offered over OEC network and users who purchase them will be able to engage inside the metaverse with their friends, play poker for free chips but earn crypto by completing their daily challenges. The software will corroborate that the user is actually holding these NFT's over OEC network.

How we built it

We built it using decentraland SDK, 3D modeling with unity, web3 for NFT checking, and an ICE keeper smart contract on solidity for rewards distribution

Challenges we ran into

Scaling to be able to keep the pace at the current DAU grow

Accomplishments that we're proud of

5x our DAU in only 2 weeks

What we learned

The potential that OEC has to offer generating a low fee ecosystem for users and the power of p2e for users to overcome the learning curve of blockchain

What's next for OkexChain metaverse play to earn

NFT marketplace integration

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