Having to deal with banks when you need money is annoying. Finding investors for micro-investments is annoying. We felt like there should be a platform that connects people who have money to invest and those who need some.

What it does

Say Andrew needs £2000 pounds to kickstart his pizza restaurant, but the bank will not provide him money as he's young and does not have a lot of experience. He uses Okano to publish his story and convinces people with passion to make his dream come true invest into his idea. Friends, nearby locals, and people from all around the world, who have spare cash at the end of the month, feel like helping him. After Andrew returns the money, they get an interest that he has set when creating his Story.

You can also press a magic button that will automatically invest your money in the highest-rated loaners, so all you need to do is see your bank account grow.

How we built it

iOS app written in Swift 2, with a MEAN backend, the CapitolOne API, Revolut API, the DreamFactory API, JustGiving, and the BrainTree API.

Challenges I ran into

Creating an intuitive and simple user experience for iOS, and use of APIs.

Accomplishments that we're also proud of

We created a web application that predicts how much you could possible earn using our platform.

What's next for Okane

Going live!

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