University of Pennsylvania has been hit by a wave of suicides, coupled by something called 'Penn Face', something where students outwardly show happiness whilst being incredibly stressed and overworked. We believe that these two issues are strongly related, and there needs to be some sort of reassurance for students to see that they truly are not alone in the struggle of college. This problem is one all over competitive universities in the world, and we hope to solve it.

What it does

By allowing students to anonymously submit and see the emotions around campus, we hope to allow students to show how they are truly feel without personally feeling vulnerable. This way, students will be able to see that they are not alone when upset or angry, even though it may often seem that way.

We have a native Android application that allows for emoji selection and a web app that shows the mean emotions.

How we built it

Emoji selection is built with native Android. Persistence is built with Firebase. Web app is built with Javascript, JQuery, HTML5, and CSS. The emojis are open source Twitter emojis.

Challenges we ran into

Creating an intuitive UI for emoji selection and a comfortable, uncrowded, yet unempty emoji display took an incredibly long time.

What's next for ok emoji dot com

We hope to putt up ok emoji dot com as a public art exhibition at the University of Pennsylvania

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