oinkR is a new, fun fuel economy web-app. oinkR will start you with $20 in a virtual piggy bank... but don't waste gas or you'll lose it! Challenge your friends to see who can drive the farthest!

Test us out (currently streaming a recorded data set) at: www.drive5.us/oinkr


Design::behavioral science::loss-aversion (start with money that you try to keep through good driving)::thresholds (discrete times showing you bad behaviors)::persistence (piggy bank stores your savings for later. Also arrows show crossed thresholds for a period of time)

Mashup::OpenXC - speed, fuel consumption, time::FuelPrice API - current fuel prices::GPS Altitude - enables grade calculations:: Fuel waste algorithm -algorithm determines fuel wasted in comparison to better driving.

Displayed measures::Acceleration::Deceleration::High Speeds::Instant MPG (color of piggy)

Safety::touchless operation::long-term behavior focus::a single easy measure, you don't need to read a ton of stuff from the screen::audible fedback ((:)

Thank you! --Team oinkR

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