Oickos, variation of Oikos - Greek for family or household

Family history shapes all of us; yet, so much is lost throughout the years. Oickos seeks to use one of the top tech breakthroughs in millennial generation--social media--to bring this generation back in the loop.


We decided to create Oickos because we wanted to simplify the way families document their history. While there are many web technologies that help people store their family history, they all fail to make use of the family history that already exists on social media. Oickos aims to use Facebook integration to help users quickly document family moments and share their memories with the family, or the world.

Target Audience

Every generation can use Oickos in a different way. The younger generation can use Oickos as an easy-to-use tool to document their family history. By utilizing and mimicking platforms they already use, Oickos enables social media users to catch on quickly and easily upload and share content. For the older generation, Oickos is an elegant, clean, and secure platform to save their family memories.

How to Use Oickos

Users can sign into Oickos using their Facebook account, create profile pages for their family members, and upload photos, videos, documents, and other types of multimedia for them. They can share their personal memories with others directly via Facebook or by posting the link to their media. Oickos' features allow users to give family members shared uploading and viewing access to their memories and to privately share stories within the family.

Future Implementations

In the future, we would like to support importing photos and family members directly from Facebook. We also hope to add a traditional tree view for users to visualize their family and a dashboard to see updates made by others. Other ideas include enabling users to auto upload content by using a hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr, multilingual support, tags to sort content, video and voice clip transcription, and ways to turn family collections into physical gifts.

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