This platform and app were inspired by the idea that everyone wants to understand by machines. Especially while you are trying to find some playlists in a bad mood.

Comes from; Music + Tech, Challenge 3 Brought by RTBF and Radio France, the goal of this challenge is to create a brand new user experience to help music lovers discover music or music-related content they might like through interactions with voice assistants.

What it does

Ohun is a semi-social network where users can discover emotion-based music and create playlist through interactions with voice assistants(google actions or amazon eco). The most important thing about this network is that the users can filter the results by emotions(such as happiness, sadness, loneliness et.). The purpose of ohun is to move this user preferences pool of search to a more useful way and suggest events based on their choices.

What we learned

We learned to look from different perspectives and valuable information from our lovely mentors.

What's next for Ohun: Find your emotion-based music!

In the future/next features, users can find events based on their choices. And Platform offers events based on the developed machine learning algorithms.


  • Aysun Demirdöğen - Product Developer
  • Eyitayo Alimi - Software Developer
  • Pooya Ghiami - Software Developer
  • Sarah Guillaume - Software Developer
  • Yigit Eygi - Sound Designer

  • Fayaz Azeem (unfortunately he have had some technical problems with his computer, then decided to leave :()

  • Shreyansh Sancheti (2nd day decided to work with other groups, but now we are developing almost same ideas in different teams :D)

Mentors that improved our idea

  • Technical (Software): David Brabant (EVS), Leny (Becode), Mathieu Delvaux (EVS), Philippe Modard (Google), Benoit Bovy, Laureline Depermentier (Becode)
  • Business (Finance/Media/Business Development): Gaetan Baudelet (Noshaq), Loic De Visscher (RTBF), John Zozzaro (Mediatech Ventures), Ted Cohen (Mediatech Ventures), Scott Fetters (2112), Dan Zeitman
  • Technical (Music): Yves Schommer, Daniel Offermann (Musician), Sarasara (Musician), Michael Lariviere, Jay Katsuyama (Universal Music Group), Sujata Rao (Universal Music Group), Amy Strack (Universal Music Group)
  • Brand/Pitching: Mitch Chaiet, Angela Bee Chan, Ward Cannaerts (Ancienne Belgique)

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