Our inspiration happened after we heard about school shootings that were recent at the time. We felt the need to design an app dedicated to helping students and staff work in a a safer environment.

Our App allows the user to choose between two situations (Lock Down and/or Fire Alarm). Depending on which one they choose the user is able to read directions, rules, and regulations that the school has list for those situations. Each situation page also has it's own special feature whether it may be a Location locator or a some images of the school campus to show students where to go in case of any emergency. There is one feature however that each page has and (beside the back button) its the call 911 and emergency call function features. These features allow the user to either contact whomever they choose or to contact authorities. If they choose to contact the authorities there is a feature that asks for confirmation for make sure they didn't hit the button on accident.

We built and tested it using Block code via MIT App Inventor.

Some challenges we ran into were having to come up with a will organized platform that was quick and easy to use, as well as some bugs in the code that we needed figure out for the location feature.

We our proud of making the app fully functional as well as visually pleasing for the user. As well as quick, easy and efficient.

We learned that not all problems in a App happen in just the code, sometimes they may also occur in the properties of the App and that's what might throw the App off balance.

Our next step for our OHS Emergency App is to add pages and functions that allow the staff members such as teachers to take a "roll call" of students and click a button depending whether or not they are missing a student during a situation. We also hope to add another page for Earthquake drills just encase.

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