"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness." In today's world, travel is an important part of our life. We travel for a plethora of purposes. We travel for business. We travel for education. We travel for research. We travel for pleasure. Planning a trip has several parts. One of them is booking a hotel. Despite advancements in tech, hotel booking is still something loathed by travelers, mostly due to the absence of an app that makes efficient use of open travel messaging for enhancement of connected traveler experience. In 2017, total no. of international tourist arrivals were recorded to be 1.322 B. It was the highest in the last 7 years and 7% higher than the previous year. UNWTO expects the no. to further grow by 4-5% in the present year. In the US, trips by domestic and international visitors make a significant contribution to the economy. In 2016, the total economic output generated by such visitors was $2.3 T. Coming to EU, its residents made 1.172 B trips with overnight stays, disregarding duration and destination.

People who go on trips often feel that there is scope for improvement in the methods they use for booking a hotel. The no. one issue that plagues hotel booking is the lack of a platform that provides a streamlined experience. OHOTELO is an app that relies on linksrez open travel alliance 1.0 hotel json api to provide users a streamlined hotel booking experience. It can be used as a public web app available to all or a web app available to kiosk agents of a booking agency. In the public version, one can go to the site to book a hotel room before a trip. In the kiosk version, one can go to the kiosk of one's preferred booking agency where the agents will guide them in booking a hotel room. The app is web-based and can be accessed from any modern browser.

The app takes the user through three simple steps. In the first screen, at step-1, the user needs to enter hotel search criteria, for instance, start date, duration, end date, city name, state code, hotel city code, and distance in miles. After providing the information, the user should press the search button and wait a few seconds for the app to fetch the details of hotels that fulfill the criteria. From the list, the user can select a hotel and then the app will take the user to step-2. In this step, the user can see the entered data, selected hotel, and availability information. In the availability section, the user can see cancellation penalties information. The user needs to select a preferred booking from the list of bookings. After the user selects a booking the app will take the user to step-3. In this step, the user needs to enter guest information for instance, no. of guests, given name, surname, address, city name, postal code, county, state code, country code, and payment information for instance, payment card code, payment card no, payment card type, payment card expiry date. The user can see the selected booking. The moment the user presses the book button, the booking will be confirmed. The user can then download the booking slip which needs to be presented to the hotel reception on arrival.

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