We wanted to hold ourselves accountable for our purchases on a night out. But we're alcoholics and we have the self control of a toilet bowl. We wanted to depend on the trust of our closest mates, so we allowed them to help us out...

What it does

It's an app that allows you to budget on nights out.. With a twist. You start by linking your Monzo Card, adding your friends, and setting up a budget. Oh, and also a timer. Once a timer shows up, your friends will receive a link to post deepest darkest secrets about you. You will be able to see what your friends posted, but the only way to control the secrets posted is to maintain your budget for the time allocated. Failure to comply will result in a secret being distributed amongst your friends. It is also displayed on the internet, for all eternity... To your friends obviously, we're not that cruel.

How we built it

  • We made a big fat node.js backend which handles what literally looks like 30 API handlers.
  • We used a hint of webpages to handle adding secrets and viewing them.
  • We used twillio to handle sending text messages to your friendos.
  • was used to upload images the cool way, and then hosted on because bandwidth is free.
  • The work is hosted on an Amazon EC2 instance.
  • The mobile app is written in NativeScript.
  • We used Monzo's API as the premise of our banking solution.
    • We did it the right way using oauth tokens, Promise!
  • Emoji Seasoning

Challenges we ran into

  • Working with NativeScript is a foreign concept to us and we all had zero experience prior to this hackathon.
  • AWS is a bit hardcore.
  • Our domain name did not arrive in time; we even paid for it

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The project actually works
  • We've completed in time
  • We've achieved the main feature of the product
  • Learning a new programming paradigm

What we learned

  • NativeScript
  • Twilio
  • How to make relatively secure APIs
  • Monzo's API
  • Don't trust your friends: I'm pretty sure your friends will egg you on to spend a lot of money anyway

What's next for ohnobabywhatisyoudoing(.com)

We're still waiting on that domain actually. Exchanged cold hard cash and I still don't have access to it. We're not playing games anymore

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