The UMass Amherst IEEE student chapter started selling snacks in M5 to students a few years ago through the creation of Ohm's Snack Shop. The M5 community has been better fed and IEEE has generated more funds for hosting events since the creation of Ohm's. The only problem is: Logging all of our sales to do analysis on our sales. Hence the creation of the Ohm's Snack Shop Program.

What it does

The Ohm's Snack Shop Program reads in a configuration file of the current inventory. A GUI then pops up and allows IEEE to log each sale based on item, amount, seller, and any comments. The program will then automatically add a time-stamp for the sale. Lastly, the sale will be added to a csv file storing all the data on Google Drive where it is synced with all of our other IEEE documents.

How I built it

We converted our current Google Sheets files into csv files. We then created a python script that would combine the csv files into a single json file for our D3 analytic program to read-in. We then created 2 potential snack shop programs for IEEE to test and then choose one of. One of the programs uses Java and Swing for the GUI while the other uses Python and TkInter.

Challenges I ran into

Kivy has a much larger learning curve than expected so we pivoted to Java Swing and Python Tkinter.

What I learned

Kivy is hard. Tkinter is much easier.

What's next for Ohm's Snack Shop

We are going to keep selling M5 snacks that they love, but now more efficiently!

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