A question students ask semester after semester, as new class schedules get released. Faced with a bunch of "WORST TEACHER EVER" online comments, we needed help in finding how a teacher teaches a class is more relevant details.

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Our Inspo

We were inspired by the very wide variations in opinions about classes among our peers. We decided to create this website to ask questions that minimize emotional bias to get at the details of the course that people care about. For example, some might want an easy class to fill a prerequisite that they don't care much about, whereas others might want a more challenging class in order to better master the subject material.

Some questions we ask to help both these kinds of students: how many assignments were given in the course, what is the grade breakdown, were the lectures useful to attend or can you study off of the lecture material.

These are the questions that you can ask only the closest of your friends because they have the time to answer all your questions. But now, the information is accessible to anyone who browses our website.

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