We are all Vietnamese. Bargaining and talking before purchasing anything has been a part of our culture. We believe that it is a common practice in SEA countries. There a plenty of e-commerce organisations in the region. However, we see two things that we can improve: a. The friction: as a buyer, I must download the app and create an account to start shopping. b. Not so welcome to chat with Seller. We want to make a product that overcome the two frictions above

What it does:

Our Product, OHHO, a conversational e-commerce platform using chatbot technology, helps to: 1. Increase: Customer experience, contextual conversation. 2. Reduce: frictions (Seller registration/on-boarding, reluctance of investing in own e-commerce site) Without requiring installing any new App. With the on boarding process, user to indicate which Facebook page(s) s/he wants to hook up our OHHO app into their page(s). This follows Facebook guidelines. Once user already registered (finished on-boarding process), s/he is enabled with an e-commerce page (provided by OHHO). This e-commerce page is connected to the Facebook page. So, everytime a user initiate a chat, he see ‘Shop now’ located at the persistent menu. Once clicked, the store’s e-commerce site to pop up. User then click on a product on the e-commerce site, view its details. At the bottom of the details page, a ‘Chat will Seller’ button to show. Once clicked, a short description of the viewing product (product’s thumbnail, title, price) to be sent to Messenger. Then User and Seller is able to chat. This is our business model, a so-called Conversational E-commerce. Start trying our product (as a Buyer) here: link

Challenges we ran into:

First challenge is to identify the technology and infrastructure for our product. We have tried plenty of those, rolled out with some real Sellers but the peformance and the customer’s experiences have not yet met the expectation. Second challenge is to persuade Sellers to try our product. We are new, product is just in the demo phase. Third challenge (and the biggest challenge) is the effort of all the team members putting here. We all have our day jobs. Getting everyone to do on one thing at night really need a huge commitment from every team members

Accomplishments that we are proud of:

The idea and first prototype were around for three years. We put a lot of NO-GO decisions for our product to mass roll out. What we really proud of until today is to have a one-goal product. However, the biggest accomplishment is that we are a team, we still fight and have a common dream: to make this product successful, meaning million of our Sellers will use our product to boost up their business.

What we have learned:

The ultimate lesson that we all learned and understood is that, what _ we believe is right may not be the right thing _. Our Seller (and Buyer) will be the one who tell us which one is the right one.

What’s next for OHHO - Conversational ecommerce:

We believe this version is good enough for us to have a soft launch (again). We believe in the next three months we can roll out for 500 Sellers

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