Openstreet Map (OSM) used by over 9million users and has an high contribution to the industry and the academy. To keep up-to-date and on improving OSM, the issues (wrongly classified structures on OSM) should be resolved. For this we have our own approach to the solution.

MMO RPG based games intensifies their users to stay on the platform for long-term with enjoyment. Using the given fact, we integrate our contributing system to OpenStreet Map (OSM) with a MMO RPG game idea.

What it does

While users play the base MMO-RPG game, they will be given additional tasks where they can select he most suitable one. The tasks will have their physical coordinates and will require people to reach to according places. User starts the Augmented Reality (AR) process to defeat the monster, enemy or completing a subtask. Then, the user earns resources to improve its character. Meanwhile, the mobile app stores the image of the scene and sends it to the server so the image will be classified correctly

We found a way that all users, the product owner and OSM will mutually benefit in different aspects (enjoyment, financially and contribution wise) on OHERO

How we built it

We use android SDK to build a mobile app which supports AR and uses Openstreet based dataset to create "tasks" for the game. On server side, we use Django Framework to handle requests (classifying the images and handling data requests). Additionally, we use pytorch library to deploy our neural network model.

Challenges we ran into

  • Finding 3D free models for AR screen and implementation of AR on mobile app
  • Openstreet Map implementation on mobile app
  • Training a highly accurate CNN

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • A high chance that this idea will work as a business.
  • The tech we use are state-of-art and open the development

What we learned

  • Free software and designs are crucial for the improvement of technology

What's next for OHero

  • Well designed 3D and 2D models.
  • Well planned task stories for the game
  • In-game content
  • Fully automated system for contributing OSM

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