I did freelance design work throughout college. The biggest challenge I faced was developing a professional system to accommodate my clients. I hacked together invoices, contracts. Client communication was in endless email threads. I also worked online with other freelancers to finish projects, which compounded my organizational issues. I tried using Quickbook, Freshbooks, etc., but found it to be complicated and not a fit for my needs. I just needed a simple way to store my client's info, manage projects, send invoices, and get paid.

What it does

OhApollo is a web app for freelance designers and engineers that centers around projects. A freelancer creates a project, and invites the client and collaborators — giving the ability to message, track time, manage files, send invoices, and get paid.

How I built it

I have built out a prototype with Sketch and Invision. I also coded a sign-up page ( where I have shared the link to the prototype:

Challenges I ran into

Freelance businesses aren't as complex as traditional SMBs or enterprise. But they're still complex. I wanted to build a product that was comprehensive enough to handle a freelancer's client management, accounting, tax, ect. needs. I decided to reduce the scope down to center around projects.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The Invision prototype is live!

What I learned

There are many apps that are similar to this idea, but I built this for my needs as a freelancer. I think it could be a solid alternative to what currently exists.

What's next for OhApollo

I could enable the ability to connect freelancers and clients based on their skills and needs. It could turn into a decentralized network of independent professionals. Freelancers could form teams to collaborate on complex projects.

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