What it does

Proper English is used everywhere, on every street sign, every textbook etc. That's just boring. Take a photo of that boring street sigm, upload it to our website, we will grind it through 15 rounds of translations into all languages you can possibly think of, then back to English. Voila, some spiced up good shit, seamlessly replacing the old text in your images. Let us fix your English.

How I built it

MACHINE LEARNINGGGGG (chill, it's just aws) , basic python and php really

Challenges I ran into

who does php anymore?

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Take a look at the project image, an actual result from our app.

What I learned

Terrible things don't come easy.

What's next for Oh, that's incredible. A hacker.

make it more terrible, or should I say .... incredible

ps I did it on localhost, maybe I should host it somewhere later

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