Standardized Fisheries Data management and sharing Android App

Entry project for Fishhackthon 2016 Toronto.

The purpose of this app is to provide a standardized, user-friendly platform for smaller fishing groups or individuals to manage and share their fishery data

Log in & Sign up

Simply enter an email address / password to sign up for an account.


View nearby data

The app detects the location of current user and provides nearby fishery data accordingly (Google Maps API).


Each map marker indicates data of a certain region, click on the marker to expand data details: main types of fish caught, average weight, average height

Start a new fishing operation


Before you start a new fishing operation, jot down all the details like personal/business info, start/end time and vessel info.

Operation list

View all your previous operation records. Each entry contains the time and location of the operation, click on an entry to see its details.

operation list

Operation Detail

View detail data of an operation like time, location, vessel details and total catch weight.

operation detail

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