In a few words; working on projects during the pandemic. Making hybrid working easier and more efficient with better communication. This was a particularly relevant challenge for us during the last few years, for obvious reasons and we felt that there ought to be a better way. One of the most annoying parts of hybrid working was context switching between our editors and other apps, which wasted a lot of time and made us lose our trains of thoughts.

What it does

Introducing Oh Hey! Send messages straight from VSCode using Cisco-Webex to ask your teammates what their code does. Our messages appear in each others' editors, right where the code is. No more low priority spam, we've got a priority-based system to let you know which questions are really urgent.

How we built it

We used TypeScript to build a VSCode extension that interfaced with Cisco's Webex client. Using the excellent documentation by Cisco and Microsoft, we were able to quickly build an extension with complex behaviours.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenges were gaining an understanding of OAuth, Typescript, and the VSCode extension API. We spent quite a lot of time really digging into the details of these to create our project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of: 1. Figuring out OAuth 2. Learning how to make a VSCode extension 3. Making something that we'd actually use after the hackathon ended.

What we learned

We learnt quite a lot these past 24 hours, mainly how to use Webex, OAuth and make VSCode extensions.

What's next for Oh Hey!

  1. More integrations with different platforms
  2. Getting it working across git branches
  3. Getting real user feedback on it

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