We're always in a hurry and sometimes we forget to tell our friends we're on our way to get them. We also don't believe in texting while driving. We wanted to eliminate the need to unlock your phone but still be able to message your friends to let them know you're on your way, or that your are there waiting for them.

Oh does this by allowing you to populate a list of your contacts into our app. Once your contacts are selected you will see two title at the top of the main screen. On the left side is OMW and on the right is Here. Find your friend in the newly populated list and slide them to the side you need. Slide them left to send an SMS saying OMW, slide them right to send an SMS saying Here.

Because we want to eliminate having to unlock your phone we also created a lock screen widget. When you have your contacts populated in the main app, lock your phone, slide to a new lock screen and add the widget. The widget affords you the same SMS OMW and Here feature. We also have a prototype for android wearable.

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