Solana is shooting up the charts to become the fourth-largest cryptocurrency due to its strong tech foundation and infrastructure. The whole crypto space is showing interest in Solana, with a multitude of cross-chain projects striving to integrate it into their platforms. However, integrating Solana into an existing cross-chain project is difficult in a number of ways, e.g. securely and persistently storing data. We wanted to bridge this gap and enable the building of cross-chain applications that can easily integrate Solana.

From a technical perspective, we aimed to create a cross-chain solution helping to prevent double-spending or serving inaccurate data during cross-chain interactions between EVM blockchains and Solana.

What it does

OGSwap TVT is a solution that allows for securely transferring events from EVM chains to Solana. TVT can be used by various cross-chain dApps to validate transactions that happen on EVM, such as token locks, and publish those on Solana. Currently, this solution is being tested with OGSwap cross-chain transfer events.

At its core, OGSwap TVT is an extended Chainlink oracle node capable of monitoring events on EVM chains, sending corresponding transactions to Solana, and achieving a consensus with other nodes about the validity of events.

The process is as follows:

-An event occurs on an EVM chain, e.g. locking of a token on the OGSwap smart contact (SC1)

-A Chainlink node extended with TVT identifies the event and sends a transaction to Solana

-A smart contract on Solana (SC2) verifies the validity of the data being transferred and makes sure that the destination account can be sent to

-A data account on Solana stores verifications of the event made by a network of Chainlink oracles and validates the event upon achieving a predefined limit of verifications, marking it as “confirmed”.

-Thus, any smart contract on Solana can verify that the event took place on the EVM chain.

The contract itself contains governance mechanics:

-voting in the validators’ network for event validation by the oracle nodes

-voting on the smart contract to add or remove validators

-max amount of oracles in the network set at the moment - 20

This tool can support the creation of EVM-to-Solana cross-chain applications.

Challenges we ran into

-In Solana, data accounts disappear with time (appr. 2 years; Rent). We solved this issue by setting a term of limitation for each event.

-We faced issues with safely storing keys.

-Finding an optimal approach for safe data storage was also non-trivial.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We developed a working tool that ensures the safety of cross-chain transactions between EVM blockchains and Solana.

What we learned

-How to deal with “expiring” data accounts on Solana

-How to securely store data on Solana

-How to expand any EVM-based application onto Solana

What's next for OGSwap TVT: cross-chain transaction validation tool

We plan to expand into a platform with a helpful toolset that will allow for the easy creation of cross-chain dApps on Solana and EVM blockchains.

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