As the holidays approach, we started to feel increasingly guilty about the carbon emissions caused by online shopping. However, with the pandemic, it seems like online shopping is the only responsible way to purchase your holiday gift list. Our solution, is Offset.

What it does

Offset is a Google Chrome Extension. At the checkout of a purchase, clicking the Offset extension calculates a personalized donation amount to offset the carbon footprint created by your purchase, and provides a direct link to an environmental charity.

How we built it

We used JavaScript, HTML, CSS and git with VS Code to build Offset.

Challenges we ran into

Neither of us had any extensive experience JavaScript, so we ran into many errors, and had to consult StackOverflow many times throughout the day.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Due to our combined lack of experience, we are very proud of putting together a working finished product.

What we learned

We learned a lot about JavaScript, Google Chrome Extensions and Git while making Offset.

What's next for Offset

Currently, it only works with Amazon, but with more time, we plan to integrate it with all ecommerce retailers. We also plan to improve the accuracy of the carbon footprint created by each purchase, and make a database to keep track of our total carbon emissions offset.

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