Electric Vehicles are Becoming very popular However Not Everyone can Afford One. That is why I set out to make a platform that enables you to offset your carbon emissions on vehicles you use, and gain benefits from them.

What it does

Offset Calculates your carbon emissions and Carbon Offsets them through things such as planting trees to reduce your carbon foot print

How I built it

Offset was built using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

Challenges I ran into

A Challenge I Ran into was Getting Google Maps to Calculate Distances, and display them in a satellite view

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of the fact that I was able to complete the entire project with animation and functionality as a prototype for the potential concept.

What I learned

I learned How to use animation libraries, google maps, and animation. I also learned a bit more about design.

What's next for Offset

Although Offset is a concept, in the future I believe I can make a version of it that allows users to offset their carbon calculated off of a piece of hardware inside of vehicles that may have some benefits to the user depending on location.

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