Its not just the pathetic condition of rural artists, its not just the unemployment of the rural craftsmen, its not just the unpopularity of artists rural India, but it is the love for the culture and he feeling of being and Indian that inspired us.

What it does

It helps the rural artists, craftsmen to connect with the not only the urban India but the entire world. It will prove to be a great platform for the artists to gain recognition so that the rural art never dies out. We have the unique feature of bidding system which helps to get the best price for their work. Users can even vote for their best artist's work so that he will get more recognition.

How I built it

We used HTML, PHP, CSS ,BootStrap and the Exotel API so that the information provided is not misused, along with providing ease of ordering to the rural people.Just a "Buy "text message places your order. How easy is that!

Challenges I ran into

To implement and integrate Exotel API.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Giving the rural people of buying by just a message along with even helping them to reach their art to every doorstep.

What I learned

We completely learnt to implement the Exotel API from scratch.

What's next for OfflineStore

You never know. Your door might be next for the delivery of the great Indian Art, and the ordering and even bidding is getting more user-friendly along-with more Ease. The power of IoT is coming!

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