Many times you face a situation where there will be no internet or you will run out of your data pack, in this case, if you are travelling in an unknown place and don't know the direction of your destination then this app will help you to find the direction of your destination without internet.

What it does

This app allows the user to find direction without internet in three modes, Driving, Transit and Walking. It uses GPS to fetch current location of the user and send source and destination to AWS Lambda function using Twilio API. Lambda function will be the trigger on receiving a text message and it will use google maps API to fetch direction of source and destination and send back to this app.

How we built it

We use AWS, Lambda, Amazon SNS, SQS, Twilio, Google API, Android.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Dealing with multiple incoming messages when populating information into list view in Android app
  2. Different time limits on different APIs we are using (e.g. Twilio had 15000ms while Lambda had 5min) 3.While Sending back a response to the user we were facing timelimit issues because Twilio needs to get a response back within 5 seconds. So we followed the approach of using SQS to store the incoming message and send a response back to Twilio. Furthermore, we also faced challenges integrating SQS and SNS services with lambda because there is some Virtual Private Cloud configuration we need to carry out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's work!!

What we learned

We gained a lot of useful knowledge about AWS lambda, SQS, SNS, Google API, Android among other things.

What's next for Offline Navigation

Display text data and bus number on the custom map.

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