For decades, people have tested the office first working culture. In weeks, millions experienced working from home. Now, teams and companies know the pros and cons of both. The future? A mix between them, a dynamic that answer each team member needs, risks and opportunities. However, this high flexible work strategy creates a lot of management challenges for human resources and team leaders. How to set the best remote-office formula? How to plan office space for teams who come and go? It’s better to work by hours or by goals?

But there is a more dangerous threat to this future

During this crisis, 67% of teleworkers have high levels of stress. 57% percent more anxiety.

And business continuity is impacted. 32% of people are being less productive. People are burning out and if we don't stop this now, the damage will be irreversible.

What it does

FlexAgenda is the newest Offimizer tool. A web-responsive app with an AI algorithm that analyzes the data of each team member calendar to calculate the workload and suggest well-being activities to get a perfect work-life time balance. The process is:

-First, connect your preferred calendar from Google, Outlook or Apple and answer 3 simple profile questions. -Then, the AI calculates your workload and suggest the well-being activities that you can accept, deny and rate, these interactions train the algorithm and creates the before and after improvements

  • Finally, send invitations to your teammates to be able to get the overall balance for all, preventing burn outs and increasing the confidence in teleworking.

How we built it

First, during #hackthecrisis France in April 25-26 we build a low resolution version of the design prototype and tested with some volunteers. After that, we created a landing page with basic video of the concept to people sign up as beta users. Then, for this crisis we created the high resolution version of the design prototype, and after some further feedback we start to implement the code to bring it to live.

This goal is to offer it as a Software as a Service using Google Cloud App Engine, Cloud SQL and Storage services and infrastructure. The main core of the software is build under MVC (modes, views, controllers) architecture using PHP as main language for the backend and Rest-API and Html, Vue and Javascript for the frontend.

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge is to accelerate development to reduce time to production. Right now we are getting contacted by companies interested in the solution, and to manage the anxiety for no have the final product done is a little hard. Maybe we need a FlexAgenda :)

The other part is funding to put more hand on the development and star activating some marketing campaigns. With this we think we can also have a better and stronger tools and allies to face the B2B corporate world faster.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

During this hackathon we got final version of the design prototype with real user feedback on it. Also, the 50% of the product roadmap is done.

Now we have 250 people registered as beta users.

In general Offimizer as a startup is now register as a company in Paris (early February) and even if this didn't happen during the hackathon, we are proud of that.

What we learned

One massive learned lesson is the importance to have legal paperwork ready to onboard new talented team members super fast to the team. At the beginning of the hackathon we got to developers interested in joining the team and after some legal mentors' feedback, we realized that hadn't the time and resources to build the agreements super fast.

They could be very helpful. But the good news are that they are still interested to work with us so, the challenge to get funding is greater now.

What's next for Offimizer FlexAgenda

The next step is to launch first MVP versions in May and to integrate it with the other B2B Offimizer tools that are helping companies, in Europe and Latinamerica, with the micro-challenges of remote work and flexible office. These tools are.

  • FlexProfile analyze people's profiles and team leader preferences to set the best remote-office formula.
  • FlexOffice transform companies offices in shared spaces that teams use when needed reducing vacancy and costs.
  • FlexTasks help teams to align goals with recurring and one-time activities to optimize efforts and feedback.

Each tool has different levels of development, and we aimed to put a full suite with stable versions of each one very soon.

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