As a result of COVID-19, many companies have been forced to function with working remotely employees and to adopt technologies that enable collaboration from a distance.

Companies have invested a lot in remote work tools already, and they have seen positive results, and most of the cases productivity has accelerated!

Post COVID-19, many companies have already announced that they won't be returning to the old way of working every day from the office anymore.

Working remotely more often not only will help reduce traffic jams and save time on commuting but also can save the employers a lot of money on the office and real estate costs.

According to research, an employer can save $11,000 a year for every employee who works remotely half the time!

What it does

Officina is an office rental service. It shows you available offices nearby and allows you to post an office for rent. Besides that, it allows you to book offices and collect rent from your offices.

How we built it

We used:

  • PHP 7.4
  • Symfony
  • MySQL
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Docker

Challenges we ran into

  1. Implementation of the interactive map and coordinates support.
  2. Symfony 5 - we were relatively new to Symfony, it was a bit challenging to work with it.
  3. There were some issues with the application's domain & testing locally OAuth authentication with the third-party services, but we managed to solve and fix all the issues.
  4. Communication and time zone difference - as we all live in a place with different timezone, we had to find time for our e-meetings that is good for everybody.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud that we were able to deliver our application working well in such a short period of time!

What we learned

We have learned a lot about Symfony and coding, and we have learned how to work as an international team with different timezone and to collaborate.

What's next for Officina

There are features that we really wanted to implement, but unfortunately, we didn't have the time. We want to implement a rating system, so a user can rate an office and see reviews from previous users. We want to implement an automatic payment system, so a user can pay via electronic payment method instead of physical payment as today. We want to have a more efficient way of searching for offices - using SOLR search or Elastic search. That would be necessary to be able to scale our application.

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