What it Does and How it Works

The Unofficial Official Squirrel Catcher is a harmless Penn-state-of-the-art small-mammal-trapping contraption that incorporates Penn-state-of-the-art Arduino and sensor technology to autonomously acquire wild squirrels in the wild. The contraption consists of a roughly 2 by 3 foot box with the left side left right open. A snacc bait at the end of the box opposite the open end that is left right open is placed to seduce a small moving mammal into the box. An ultra-cool ultrasonic sensor senses the motion of any moving small mammal that is seduced by the snacc. Once the small mammal is completely inside the trap, the sensor activates a servo that releases a trapdoor, sealing the left side of the box faster than a squirrel can say “It’s a trap!1!” Due to mammal-trapping regulations by the Pennsylvania Game Commission, we also use a temperature sensor to detect the ambient temperature. If temperatures exceed 90 F, the squirrel catcher will be deactivated to prevent squirrel hyperthermia and exhaustion. Once a squirrel is caught and the trapdoor is closed, the Arduino will send a message over wifi to the squirrel-catcher-operator operating the squirrel catcher.

Parts Needed For Project

Laser-cut pieces of acrylic, temperature sensor, Arduino wifi board, ultrasonic sensor, servo

Built With

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